Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Angel's Tomb

Hey everyone,

I've just decided to throw up a piece that I finished quite recently. It's a copy of Dan Scott's "Angel's Tomb", which can be found on the Magic: the Gathering card of the same name.

I have to say, this one's one of my all-time favourites from all the drawings I've completed so far. The other close contender would be Time Reversal (also from M:TG). The most difficult part, which I spent a fair few hours on, was getting the right angel wing correct-ish, but I still didn't get it quite right...

If you compare it to the original, you'll probably notice a whole bunch of proportional errors. And the tones may seem off, especially to the left, because of the camera flash. But it seems to give a nice "sunbeam" effect to the photo so I'm okay with it.

Overall I'm quite happy with the end result. And I suppose that the point of all of this is the journey. There are so many details and shapes and gradients to work with, and it's such a pleasure to figure them all out and translate the beauty into greyscale.

Anyway, I hope you guys like this one. Stay tuned, because I'll be slowly posting up more from my personal archive alongside new drawings!


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