Friday, 8 February 2013

Primal Work in Progress

Hey guys,

Just throwing up a new WIP update on this blog. I won't bother cluttering up my FB art album with any more than one "transitional fossil". The end result will appear on Facebook later... It'll take forever though, with the many commitments I've got going on right now.

Primal Beyond, by Mark Tedin (and poorly reconstructed & photographed by Rogiraffe)

This one's very vibrant and colourful piece, and it's the first you will see IN COLOUR. For people who are reading this and do not know me (if there are any reading it at all) this may not seem significant, but I've actually been using lead pencils for many years now because I've been scared off by crappy colour pencils purchased by penny-pinching parents.

But now I've grown up and earned some money, so I decided to take a risk and buy a set of 36 Derwent Artists colour pencils! And they are fantastic pencils! The only sad part is that there is no light blue pencil... What's up with that, Derwent? Five blues/blue-greens and no light blue? Thanks guys...

I had NO idea that colour pencils could be this much fun! I've had a blast drawing with them and I look forward to doing more in colour. This doesn't mean I'll stop doing greyscale drawings though. I still find that lead pencils can give a much higher level of detail (except for the obvious lack of colour).

- Rogiraffe -


  1. Glad you're having a ball with the coloured pencils!
    But somehow I think I should have convinced you to get the wooden box of 72 least in that you would have had a light blue or two in there :P

  2. You persuaded me to not buy those pencils! That wooden box would've been so nice... :(

  3. Are you using the same technique you did with the graphite pencils to produce light(beam) effects?

  4. Nah different technique. And that technique is... Just colour it differently.

    It's impossible to use the eraser for subtracting colour back to white or a smooth lighter shade. All you get is splotches of colour, which is rather unappealing.