Monday, 18 February 2013

Rewind: Back to School Edition

Ello ello~

So back in high school I was still taking Visual Arts classes. It was fantastic most of the time, and I loved the excursions. The painting sessions sucked though. Overall, I never felt like I did anything very well... But then again my teacher did say I was a perfectionist. Hmm. But for a few weeks, we did a bunch of etching!

My etch plates were top notch, but my inking skills were horrible. To this day I still have the plates somewhere in my drawers... I wouldn't take them out of the plastic sleeves though. They're very icky and still covered in oil and ink from all those years ago, but nevertheless it's a nice memento.

And now, I'll show you some of the plates and prints:

Dragon Chase Print
Kenshi (MK) Plate

Ravnican Knight (M:tG) Plate
Tiger Plate

Panda Print
Sadly, the plate is not clean anymore

Those plates look fairly clear and defined, right? Well in reality the scans were rather faint, and that's to be expected. I just edited it heaps to bring out the lines, to mimic what you might see if you placed it on one of those old-fashioned overhead projectors. On a side note, that makes me feel really old...

Anyway. These were my first attempt at "drawing". It was basically the "lite-version" of drawing. I just had to place the plate on top of the picture and go! But to be fair it was a bit more complicated than tracing it, because I still had to guess how deep I would need to scratch into the plate to achieve the right tone.

Overall... I loved them. It was definitely my favourite medium until I discovered I could use pencils at a decent level. However there is one little thing that I do regret, and it's that I couldn't finish off the tiger plate. The water and the tiger's body blend in too much...

But there you go. Etching is awesome :)


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