Tuesday, 12 March 2013

And in my old age...

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen!

I am now a fan of pu'erh! So wonderfully rough, bitter and hearty, and yet also very soothing. This is the first tea that's made me so excited and happy while drinking it. Although, I should note that this is an aged pu'erh, so that's probably why it's impressed me so much... Much like good (and terribly expensive) aged spirits!

Spirits, pu'erh, fobwatch... Now I just need a fireplace, a library and a persian cat to pet while I listen to symphonic metal or jazz. Sometimes I just feel so very old...

Anyway, I would like to thank my good friend Peter for giving me this awesome tea cake, so I could enjoy it fully in my own time! Bro, you are awesome XD

Right out of the packet, there is a strong herbal smell. Compared to the non-aged version I sampled a while ago, this one has a slightly stronger hint of spices, and what may be a tiny whiff of star anise/liquorice. It also has a wonderful smokey quality which goes well with the hints of leather and shiitake mushrooms. Oddly enough, it smells like grass jelly! The age intensifies all the good qualities and makes the tea more manly and rough :P

There is an edge of sweetness (sugar) to the earthy scent when left in the warm teapot. A very smokey smell wafts out after 3-4 steepings. Clearly it is very potent, very enduring. Smells a bit like the air after rain... Methinks it would be perfect for a rainy day. Except I would stay inside the house.

Some day I'll get a camera that doesn't suck...

Now the taste... Blimey.

There's a slight sweetness on the tip of the tongue which develops into a wonderfully strong bitterness and sourness. A sour aftertaste follows with a lingering scent of Asian medicinal herbs as you breathe out. There's also a nice combination of mushrooms and meats somewhere in there if you pay careful attention. Very interesting. Very enjoyable.

On a side note, the bitterness is somewhat reminiscent of beer, which I haven't had in a long while... I need to try some beers. Those posts will be quite like the tea posts I've been making so far... Though I'm sure only half of my tiny audience gives a damn about them.


...And now for something completely different!

The ladyfriend encouraged me to go take a trip to the art store again a while ago...

I bought an awesome travelling pack/pouch.

And MORE pencils! (Four pencils actually, which are on the right side)

The pouch has been so useful for carrying my supplies. It's far more convenient than stuffing everything in different places in my backpack. Plus, it doubles as a storage space for the extra pencils that won't fit into the original tin of 36.

The missus also very helpfully pointed out that there are 120 (!!) pencils in the Derwent Artists range. This is going to be painful for my wallet...

Aaaand I'll wrap this up and talk about my drawing classes tomorrow.



  1. Glad to hear you liked the puer, its a little thin on the body but like you, I was really enjoying all those medicinal/herbaceous notes. And as for beer, I've got a few interesting ones a'waiting - come over sometime and we'll open a bottle (or two, or th...yeah, be sensible peter :P)