Friday, 5 April 2013


Holy crap. asdfghjkl;

I must learn to play this cover of Last Ride of the Day. The chorus is the best part!

Oh I wish I could learn it right now, but uni and life gets in the way...

I actually tried it for about an hour today, after the aspiring composer kindly sent me his sheets. I have been so excited about trying to play it ever since I heard it in the wee hours of the morning on Thursday. As an aside: The fellow makes fantastic covers, as evidently seen by his stellar arrangements of the entire Imaginaerum album and other songs on Youtube, and I hope to see him composing soundtracks for games and film in the near future.

Anyway. Fantastic cover. I've noticed that the notes themselves are quite simple to play. The real magic is in the passion, energy and speed that you need to give to make this song complete. I don't really have a problem with hitting the keys harder as needed, so the only thing that would hold me back is when the family is in the house. The noise generated is unlike anything I've heard before in my piano-ing, besides The Poet And The Pendulum.

I've only managed to learn and play one and a half pages out of five in the whole song so far, but that was accomplished in about an hour. It's heaps of fun and simple to learn!


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