Monday, 13 May 2013

All aboard the Darjeeling Express!

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen!

I received another shipment from my good pal Peter, who kindly introduced me and another friend to Darjeeling Tea Express and combined our orders so we could all save on shipping costs :P

My haul/loot:
- 100g x 2013 Goomtee Black Tea (First Flush)
- 100g x 2012 Seajuli Estate Assam Black Tea (Second Flush)
- 10g x 2013 Gopaldhara Wonder White Tea (First Flush)

All up, I paid about $40 for this lot. Not bad, in my opinion.

If you're wondering why I only purchased 10g of the white tea, that's because it's selling for $49.06/100g at the time I am writing this. The price will go even higher in the future! While I do love my teas, I want to be damned sure this is the best tea ever before I commit to a full purchase of this stuff. I'm not made of money yet... I'll let you know how it is later this week. Maybe even tomorrow. I'm so excited! :P

And yes, white/green/oolong Darjeeling tea does actually exist! The best analogy is actually Champagne wines. It's a region and a brand name (of sorts), but not really a type of tea. The confusion is understandable, as I have been told that every Darjeeling sold in cafes and tea shops seems to be black tea.

So you must be wondering what's first flush, second flush, etc.?

It just tells you when those tea leaf buds were picked. The times are: First flush (mid-March), second flush (June) and Autumn.

I had initially believed that first flush was the best harvest, but a cursory search on the internet (as I have not built up enough of a history with tea yet) tells me that volatile oil compositions change in teas throughout the year, so each type of tea will actually change in different ways. So apparently, what's great really comes down to personal preference.

However, first flush is actually the most expensive so budget carefully, especially if you are a starving uni student :P

But that's enough of a lecture from me. I'll post up my findings on the 2012 Assam in a while.


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