Saturday, 18 May 2013

Mini Chorizo Croquettes

Good afternoon!

Today I took a recipe from the Sorted Food crew and tried to make a fun and yummy meal for the day. I saw their chouriço croquette recipe video and instantly became a fan. I knew I had to make this dish, even though I'm relatively inexperienced. It's always fun to try new things, right?

But as you will see, my finished product looked a bit different... Still very delicious, but it looks less glamorous :P

Battle station ready...
 I didn't have any "leftover" mashed potato, so I had to chop up some potatoes (as seen on the board to the right) and boil them down to a mashable state. That took quite a while, but it was okay since it could be done alongside the frying of the chorizo (I used the spanish variety instead, which is quite similar) in the pan.

Ahhh frying. The fun part :)

Hang on, they look like something else...

And as expected, it's quite crunchy on the outside with a melt-in-your-mouth filling that compels you to grab more and stuff yourself :P - The spiciness from the chorizo was a very welcome addition too.

The thing I've discovered is that it actually has the texture and consistency of takoyaki! The chorizo (with the skin still on) is quite similar to the octopus bits, but spicier, saltier and perhaps slightly less chewy. And they looked like takoyaki, so I figured... Why not squeeze sauce on top like they do with takoyaki? I'd already left out the roasted pepper sauce since we don't have a blender, so that seemed like a good idea.

And you know what? It tastes even better with barbeque sauce on it! Somehow the heat and the sauce together mixing with the croquette added an interesting fruity/wine tang to it, and it amazed me. Cooking is great!

Judging from the ingredients list on my BBQ sauce... I suspect this recipe could be given a new delicious twist if I add in tomato paste and loads of different spices into it next time. It's probably a healthier alternative too, because the frying and parmesan really do bump up the fattiness quite a bit as is.

And for once we do not have rocket lying around, so I had to substitute it with a bed of lettuce instead. :(

Mini-croquettes/Takoyaki... sorted, by Rogiraffe!

It looks great, right? Well I am not a great chef by any means, and I have a lot to learn. You might learn something from it too, so here are some of the difficulties I faced along the way:

  • I got the weights wrong. I went with one sausage, which ended up being 120g (not 100g) and obviously it caused problems when there's only 300g of mashed potato to work with. So I guess the lesson here is that ratios really do matter sometimes, especially with mixing and shaping.
  • I should have chopped up the chorizo into smaller pieces, and that mistake became very apparent as I was mixing it all up. In the end I had to take out some olives and chorizo to make it easier to mix and mold into balls.
  • And we don't have a fryer... So my mother said that it would be best to shape them into small balls instead so we wouldn't have to use a whole load of oil. Okay this one isn't a mess up. More like being creative, really.

But besides that, I'm very happy with how it turned out. I just produced less than anticipated, which was fine because my parents are vegetarian right now (my father is only temporarily so, for weird reasons) so it came down to me to scarf all of the delicious croquettes down. And on top of the yummy culinary experience, I also learned a bit more about cooking!

Anyway, I hope you'll give this a shot. It's incredibly easy to make because even a novice like me, who has only cooked three dishes on his own so far, can pull this off quite nicely!