Tuesday, 14 May 2013

The Wonders of Gopaldhara

Rogiraffe's tl;dr Guide:

Name: 2013 Gopaldhara White Tea (First Flush)
Nose: Walnut, mint, star anise
Taste: Creaminess; sweet entry -> citrus/nut blend -> bitter finish
Verdict: *mindblown*

Ah, now it's time for the first review of my Darjeeling teas. Yes I said I would do the Assam first, but that produced some rather disappointing results, so I want to put it off and try again later just to be really sure. I probably didn't brew it correctly...

Anyway. I sampled the 2013 First Flush Gopaldhara Wonder White Tea.

It is. Incredible. Just sublime.

Just right out of the packet, I could smell liquorice/star anise, mint and walnuts. It is a very interesting blend of spicy and herbacious notes, and somehow still quite light and refreshing.

And the leaves look pretty good, although they are pretty fragmented like all of the other darjeelings we purchased this time. Strange... The leaves themselves still have the fur/hair on them, so that's a promising sign.

Flash brew... Pale yellow. Hm.

10 seconds. Lovely yellow liquor.

Now the tea itself has a sweet and creamy profile, and some decent mouthfeel to it, which is quite unlike the other darjeelings we sampled the other night. The sweetness on the tip of the tongue segues into a nutty-citrus-y blend, finishing off with a bitterness that surfaces after the lingering sweet and floral notes fade away. I was going to liken it to walnuts in a drink, but the other notes just make it so much more fascinating and complex than that.

And the endurance is pretty good too. I got about 4-5 cups of sublime joy out of this before it started losing some of its lustre. And thankfully, it was not excessively bitter at any point, because the broken leaves were a bit worrying. It's probably because it's white tea though, so that's a pleasant finding.

Truly, it is the most intricate and flavoursome tea I have ever tried. Well worth the risk, and probably sits at #1 in my list. I still need to revisit the Goomtee before I can make a final verdict :P

I think I'm going to order more of it soon. I'd better tell Peter about this and split 100g with him...

But yes. Brilliant. Personally, this has knocked my socks off. In the most gentle way possible, of course :P

Hooray for Darjeelings!


PS: Now in the unlikely event that any of my dear readers would actually go out and try to buy this, keep in mind that it is a white tea and therefore you cannot use boiling water for this. Maybe wait for it to drop to ~80-90 degrees Celsius before you steep it, otherwise you'll be very disappointed...

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  1. Yeah, id split 100g with you!

    Did it have any common characteristics with the darjeeling blacks? I wonder if there is some flavour profile which is typical of darjeelings in general.