Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Travelling through the Goomtee Estate...

No, not literally. Though tea, or food for that matter, can evoke memories and experiences of a far-off land. But that usually requires one to have travelled to exotic lands and sampled the local goods. I wish I could travel more often... But I'll talk about that some other time.

Will my desk ever be clean?
Maybe when uni ceases its assault upon my free time...

The Goomtee oolong offers quite a savoury experience (initially), much like a hearty winter soup. In fact, it's perfect for the incoming winter. I am quite pleased with my purchase :) And goodness it is quite cold today. I had neglected to pack my umbrella, so I had to walk home from the station without cover and I ended up totally drenched. That was not fun.

So straight out of the pot, there is a lovely mix of oats, almonds and pistachios (!), as well as a strong smell of what I believe to be home-made corn soup (see, evoked memories!). An almost unnoticeable sweet/spicy undercurrent also wafts out of my kyusu...

This is a magnificent beverage, much like the Gopaldhara white tea. It has quite a few layers to reveal as the water starts to siphon out all of the goodness. The Goomtee produces a beautiful deep yellow colour, and initially presents a unique blend of corn soup and pistachios. As the water wears it down, the tea reveals a sweeter side; a fragrant and tropical combination of pineapple and orange zest that lingers as you breathe out of the nose.

Towards the end, smokiness surfaces, and bitterness starts creeping in from the broken leaves. It is quite a pithy bitterness, not the scorched astringency that one expects from having brewed the tea at an excessive temperature. And it also goes very well with the mild citric aroma... It definitely makes me think of an orange's zest and pith. Yes, sometimes I do have quite the vivid imagination :P

All in all, a fantastic tea. It takes the drinker on quite the fascinating journey, slowly travelling from harsh winters of the north to a sunny tropical island. And for a while, it's like the warmth of life wasn't sapped away by the harsh chilly winds.

I am quite impressed with the darjeelings that have been mentioned on this blog so far. I am certainly looking forward to the next time we sample India's delightful teas. I guess it goes to show that China doesn't have a monopoly on awesome tea XD


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