Thursday, 27 June 2013

We Will Endure

Whew that took a while. Much faster than expected :)

So obviously I started off with the outline. I find this to be the most tedious process and I don't find a great deal of joy in this step. However I do have respect for the basics so I persevere through this stage to ensure that I can get the most fun out of my drawing. For me, nothing takes the winds out of my sails like finding out that something is horribly misshapen (compared to the original) so I take my time with the first steps.

After that comes the fun part! Although that was where the challenge began because I had NO idea on how to colour in the Myr's metal body. If you look at the original, you'll see that it's got some interesting shades in it. Mostly grey... But not quite. It took me good while to figure out it had a tinge of yellow to it, which I tried to reproduce. It didn't work so well in the beginning, but as I worked from the bottom up I started getting better at it. If you ever get to have a look at mine IRL, you'll notice it looks a lot smoother and that the paper is less warped around the head.

After that, it was a simple matter of using the classic pencil shavings "technique" to create a smooth background and rubbing out the outlines for the moons as I progressed. Getting past the near-monochromatic stage of colouring in the Myr was quite liberating, and I had heaps of fun XD

So I think the lesson learned here is that sometimes grey is not simply grey... Had I proceeded with using grey colour pencils it would've looked like B/W all over again :P


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