Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Looking Back on Hong Kong: Part I

This may end up being a two-part reflection on my adventure. I'll blab about what I did and where I went first, then talk about what I learned on my trip in more detail in Part II.


In stark contrast to the first week, the remaining days felt like they flew by like an ordinary day in Australia. I would say that's because the mystery and novelty lost its edge fairly quickly. That being said, it was immensely liberating being able to wander off on my own a few times and do my own thing, mainly to buy tea-related products because I knew no one else in my cohort would be interested in this particular hobby.

In the second week, we had our second day tour run by Jack, who is very funny and experienced. We took the cable cars (Ngong Ping 360) to see the Giant Buddha Statue on Lantau Island, and we spent the day doing silly things and petting the random tame dogs walking around. They were so sweet and friendly :)

The view from the cable cars was so beautiful, and at the end of the ride to the island we saw some wild cows sunbathing and munching on grass. That was a really peaceful and relaxing moment...

And we got a lot of shopping done for me! Not tea, but clothes! That was kind of fun. Maybe I'll bridge the gap between kid and old man with my hard-earned loot. Many thanks to everyone who came along and helped me :)

What else counts as a highlight... Oh yes. The awesome Lego Exhibition at Tai Koo! I stumbled into that one all by myself while looking for The Best Tea House, so that's friggin' awesome XD. There were so many models of UNESCO World Heritage sites in there, and they all looked fantastic.

And there were many occasions where I had deep and meaningful talks with some of the others. It's funny seeing first-hand the kind of deep bonding that happens when you place a bunch of foreigners in a strange land with weird food. But more on that later.

Ocean Park was actually alright, even though I don't like amusement parks one bit. It could've been more fun if it hadn't been for what looked like the entire population of Hong Kong turning up on the Sunday and making waiting times utterly ridiculous. That was a regrettable mistake on our part, but our days were numbered and we had to do something since we couldn't go to Macau for various reasons.

They spit out jets of water o_O


Welcome to the Ocean Express!

Holy crap it's Bioshock o_O

On the final day of the program we had an incredibly short and simple exam... I've heard some of the other programs run by the company have more stringent requirements, but I'm glad I didn't have to deal with that on my first overseas trip. Then we had lunch at a really cool place called Dan Ryan's. They serve damn good Western food with Western portions. Some substantial food was sorely needed after all those measly servings and mediocre yum cha meals.

And of course, the joker in our ragtag band got a few birthday cake slices by telling the good people running the various restaurants that it was his birthday, specifically, his 21st birthday. The first time he did that back in the first week... Man I'll never forget that one XD

We're heading back home. YAAAY!!!
But anyway, it's been really good to be back at home. Feels great. Except that I already started uni today, and I'm still in holiday mode because I haven't spent enough time at home. I'm sure you guys know what I mean by that, right?

Anyway, that's enough from me for now. I probably missed a couple things, but I'm sick and I need my rest.


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