Friday, 5 July 2013



So I'm leaving tomorrow to spend about 3 weeks in HK sudying and (more importantly) adventuring! It should be quite exciting, and there may be lots of brick-shitting along the way. This is entirely new for me, and I really hope nothing goes wrong. Well something will probably kerplode, but preferably not in a huge way. I hope my penchant for worrying about everything doesn't flare up and give me a heart attack :P

I want to say I'm really happy and excited, but today's been a downright shitty and stressful day. I'm feeling much better now, so I'm a little bit "yay", I guess? Definitely learned 54 different lessons there. I'm sure I'll be too busy and frantic to dwell on such things tomorrow though.

Anyway, right now it definitely feels like the end of yet another arc in my life. I'm back up on my feet, the birds are singing in my inner mind theatre, and life looks swell. I'm looking forward to the next chapter in my life. That may seem overly dramatic and epic, but I have never ever left the damn country. Only been interstate twice, but that's it.

And I've decided to do it all by myself. Surely that will end well. :P

Yes those may be my (not) famous last words...


Here lies Rogiraffe. He got bunced one too many times.


Okay grim and highly unlikely hypothetical future aside, I'm sure I'll have heaps of fun in HK. AND I'm taking Roger Rabbit (thanks again to Yorumichi) and Oscar the Giraffe (thank you Winrar and Sangem ^^) with me, so they can accompany me on my travels. It will be like all of my friends are with me in spirit, and I will totally not be missing out on their hijinks while I'm gone ;_;

I think this is the best theme song I've found for this new chapter in my life...

...because I won't let the world stop me. Woohoo defiance! :D


I will keep a tight lid on the personal posts in the future, as I know from experience that it can spiral out of control very quickly... Teenage Rogiraffe was awful. Anyway, it's best to stick to what I do well, right?

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