Tuesday, 20 August 2013


Ello again!

Yes I am alive! It's been a while, but I'm finally writing a new post. And this time, another simple post on one of the things I love the most... Of course, it has to be tea! And music too, which will come first.

So I've been listening to a fair bit of indie music lately. And I must say, it's actually very good stuff. In particular, I've been hooked by Mother Falcon, Lauren O'Connell, and Beirut.

Maybe this is the alternative source of musical entertainment that I have been searching for. Something incredibly complex, energetic and beautiful, but also different to the symphonic and folk metal that is now my everyday staple. I do adore the folk versions of my favourite metal songs, so it's no surprise that I am very much taken by this genre. I am certainly going to purchase an album or two to expand my physical collection.

So that's basically the background music to this tea session at the moment.

And now to the tea.


[I wish I had photos to show you, but my brother's basically been gone for about a week now without any indication of when he will return. Sporadic replies seem to indicate he is still alive in some shape or form, but the worst part is that he's taken his nice camera with him. Oh well. :P]

So tonight we have a lovely sample of Jasmine Mao Feng, from the Fuding county near Zheijiang. This particular sample was given to me free of charge by the good people at Fook Ming Tong Tea with my purchase of the clay pot and turtle tea mascot.

Jasmine tea itself can be quite nice, but the mao feng part interests me. According to the best source of knowledge for students around the world, it's a special picking process where a bud and two leaves of equal length are picked.

Faaancy. We'll see if the special picking process holds up in practice :P

So just poking my nose into the packet, I can smell cherries, roses, a strong sweetness like candy, and of course the jasmine flowers. When placed into a warm clay pot, it also gives off an aroma that is just like hot chocolate. The smell coming out of the pot also has an interesting note of grapes/wine to it, right after the flash brew at the "surface" of the bouquet.

In terms of taste, it very much mirrors the sensations from nosing the packet and the teapot, which is often the sign of a good tea. On top of the classic jasmine flowers, there are cherries and a turkish delight/rose water constantly gracing the amber liquor. And also a slight hint of chocolate in there, now that I've been made aware of its presence in the pot XD

So, in the vernacular of the uhh... young'uns: T2 ain't got nothin' on this stuff. Is that how you say it? :P

Anyway. I am very impressed with this sample. Very delicate and floral, complex and beautiful. Maybe there is something to the mao feng picking process. It's kind of cool how the most complex and intricate sensations have become the simplest pleasures in my life :)

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to see if I can buy more of this stuff from them!


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