Sunday, 8 September 2013

Insect Overlords

I had initially written another post last night with the same title, but that one was a jumble. So here I am giving it another go with a clearer head.

*shuffles papers*

Dear viewers,

Unlike Kent Brockman, I for one do not welcome our new overlords.

I was hoping beyond all hope that Australia would be sensible and not choose the misogynistic, homophobic, boat-turning fellow. And I am so, so sorry for just about every minority that exists in Australia.

Today is a momentous day. Australia, we have now become the new America. The new laughingstock for the world. I have already seen the internet initiate its mockery of our once great nation. This is a sad day.

It really sucks that we still do not have the power to change things in this world. But it will come one day, and like those before us, we will bring about cultural changes and revisions of social mores. We will also be armed with the Internet. But unlike the people before us, I hope the Internet can ensure that we will never become old and crabby workers that never give a damn about others.

So I think there are three big problems with Australia are:

 (1) We don't have much growth right now (that's just being greedy with your fortune)
 (2) The NBN and education systems are so indirect in their effects, and therefore:
 (3) Everyone wants to divert funds away from (2) to try to prop up (1)

Apparently most of us aren't satisfied with an economy that wasn't absolutely bunced (pardon my language) by the GFC. The rest of the world thinks we're doing just fine and dandy, and yet we're like "Nope... This is the wrong direction. We want growth right now, damn it!" What the hell was that, Australia? We got through this global economic meltdown just fine and now you want to piss that advantage away? The growth will come eventually, but it will not come at the expense of vital public services.

So you can probably tell that I am a big fan of progressive policies and large infrastructure investments (NBN, education funding, climate change, not being a prat, etc.). Simply put, anyone who says these projects are high risk are just plain deluded. There is no risk factor, except maybe in finding good overseers. And we know these are effective projects, and that eventually there will be immeasurable benefits. It's just that most people aren't willing to wait for the benefits... Or rather, they won't live to see the benefits.

Okay, so maybe you don't get anything out of it. You'll be some bones in a coffin six feet under. But you know who does? Our children. And their children. You want to build a good legacy? Stop hoarding money like Scrooge and help us rebuild the infrastructure first.

For many, this would probably be the most damning piece of evidence against letting the unwashed masses vote. Oh look, I'm even adopting their language now. But I still hold hope in the power of education. Maybe, just maybe... Perhaps when Abbott is done wrecking the country we'll look back and fix that all up very quickly. But we always fix, never prevent.

Maybe I should just become a full-blown "socialist" and move to Scandinavia. Things sound great over there. And people seem to think high taxes are bad. But those people are awfully selfish. Instead, I take that to mean something very good:

A country full of people who consistently elect officials and make them keep taxes high so that the money can be used for the greater good everywhere? That's a fantastic culture. And its self-perpetuating cycle that permeates into their social mores and enlightened discussion.

And it would seem they have the efficient public service systems to make it all work. Blimey. That's unheard of over here.

Europe only looks bad right now because their economies are kind of slumping. But you know who's to blame? America and their GFC. And right now Australia looks a whole lot like America. If we were to personify countries ala Hetalia, then Australia and the US would be siblings who haven't grown up. Puerile, ignorant and selfish.

If I can do postdoc in Europe, the bastion of cultural enlightenment, I will gladly move out and spend the rest of my days there to teach and inspire young minds and make the world a better place.

Yeah, I'm just a little bit disillusioned with business and politics right now.

I am Rogiraffe, and this has been my collection of depressed thoughts on the 2013 election. Forgive the divergence from the usual proper language and calm demeanour, and have a good day.

*camera pans out and fades*


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