Thursday, 14 November 2013

The Sweet Smell of Freedom


I think I've unintentionally made it seem like I'm a very picky tea-lover. With an accent that turns super British from time to time, my oft-professed love for tea and non-mainstream music, and a Team Gents shirt (TEAM GENTS!), I can't really blame my friends.

Or maybe anything beyond "Yeah tea is okay. I like drinking it at yum cha." is seen as belonging in the realm of classy connoisseurs and silly snobs. So just to make everything clear (in a totally subtle way): I'm happy with most kinds of tea. Even T2 tea. It's not bad stuff, not at all. Just a tad expensive.

Anyway, here are some bad photos of my latest acquisitions from Yunnan Sourcing. I've actually been using them for a couple of weeks now, but between Time Series Econometrics and Corporate Financial Analysis I've just been flat-out busy making notes and revising properly. BUT NOW I'M FREE.

Aren't they just lovely?

Glass fair cup and gaiwan feat. Totoro and friends :)

Somehow it looks like the remains of a sunken ship entangled in seaweed

The glass is really top-notch, although I do wish the handle/knob thing on the gaiwan lid was less wonky. But it's not a big deal. Overall, I'm pretty happy with the craftsmanship and utility. It'll make photos that much prettier in the sunlight, especially with summer (or is it winter?) in full force. Silly bipolar weather.

I was just brewing that with the last of the Fuding jasmine tea I got from HK. Looks great, right? It smells of happiness, freedom and Hong Kong itself. Sadly I think the long storage time and tea fannings at the bottom were kind of making the tea less awesome than before. Nevertheless, it's a nice way to celebrate the end of exams for me.

But my comrades are still out there, putting their sleep and sanity on the line to pass their subjects. I salute them, and wish them the very best of luck. And I'll extend the same to my U:PASS students, who will soon face off against scary debits and credits once more :P

Anyway, now that I'm free to do as I wish, I'll need to actually open the cookbook I borrowed and start cooking food. And draw stuff. And drink tea. And YouTube all the things!

Speaking of drawing, I'm going to be working on a copy of a cool piece of art (as always) in colour, and I've composed a nice haiku to go along with it. I may have already mentioned this before. Oh well. Expect it some time soon!

Ahh I'm so excited ^^


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