Thursday, 21 November 2013

Into The Blue Memory...

So I've been working on another drawing since... 4 days ago. This is how my hand feels right now:

From SMBC, Comic #3162 - in the red button

Well that's unusual for me, right? Here's why:

Why did it have to be snakes?
Cobra Trap - Concept Art House/MtG

OW. Too much progress. I must find some other way to keep myself occupied while my hand heals up.

So while I was drawing, I was listening to Floor Jansen at least once a day:

She's the new frontwoman for Nightwish. And holy crap, I think this is the closest thing I'll ever feel to a celebrity crush. Her singing is amazing. She can do clean vocals and opera, so she can sing all of their the greatest hits, past and present.
3:39 - 4:15 is particularly impressive, because those lines were originally sung by the background choir (which you can barely hear). She just takes every song, even though they're not written for her voice, and seamlessly adapts and improves them.

I am now really regretting not seeing them live when I had the chance last year... Floor had just come in after Anette left the band halfway through the world tour, and I'm guessing the Flying Dutchwoman would have made it an unforgettable experience. So sad ;_;

But to partly alleviate that, I've bought the CD/DVD of the recorded live show at Wacken. It should arrive by... December? It will be a great Christmas present to myself :)

I am so excit--!!

*hand falls off*


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