Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Jing Gu Silver Needles Spring 2013

Hello again!

I've finally gotten around to writing some more about tea. I know you guys love it so much, so I'm here to deliver the news! I know you aren't actually as excited as I am about these things :(

I've got the Jing Gu Silver Needles steeping in my clear gaiwan right now. I've actually drunken this quite a few times already, but once again, exams were in the way so I refrained for fear of it leading to further procrastination. I'll try to do a very quick description of the tea, and improve my concision while remaining eloquent...

The tea comes out of the gaiwan with a very light peach colour that sums up its pretty and delicate nature, leaving behind some fuzzy rolled-up leaves.

 The cup is filled with the sweet smell of candy as well as citric and tropical fruits, followed by an intriguing combination of dried fruits. Upon bringing it to my nose, I can immediately pick out papaya, lemon and orange. Preserved kumquats and prunes are also lurking under the surface, adding some depth to the taste and smell. It is very fragrant but also light and fleeting, and never assaults the senses.

Yeah it looks weird, but that's the easiest way to show the colour

The tea has a nice light and tangy lemon note, which is complemented by the pleasant scent of papaya and lemons from breathing out. It is a very simple offering, but that's all it needs to be great.

Everything about this tea is fragile: The low (water) heat-tolerance, the fragrances and the colour! And yet, it is a beautiful combination that entertains the drinker in a gentle and refined manner. Perfect for the coming summer!


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