Thursday, 26 December 2013

Merry Christmas 2013!

Well, that was yesterday. But I was too busy working on my own cool holiday project to write anything else :D

Anyway, like I've said before, I don't really celebrate Christmas... My family doesn't kick up a whole fuss about it, so I don't know what I'm missing :P - Although... If I were to celebrate it, the first song I'd be playing would be Storytime. It's a nice little song that dives into childhood wonder and innocence, and I think that's something that a lot of you may have felt as children on Christmas Day.

Hmm. Oh yes. Highlights of the year...

(1) Honours
Yeah, I'm actually going to write a whole damn thesis and all that next year :D - It should be quite interesting, to say the least...

(2) Showtime, Storytime + New Singer
I got my merch! Complete with footage of the entire 2013 Wacken Open Air concert in Germany! Excuse me (many) moments of weakness... ermagerd it opens up like a storybook XD (Wow I get so giddy/excited over merch ._.)


Troy is a legend. Definitely rekindled my interest in folk music.

(3) My friends
Really can't stress how much I cherish the friends I have. Lots of love for you guys :)

(4) Tea
It's been a good year for tea, at least in my home. That is all :P

(5) The blog itself!
Oh man I almost forgot... I've been keeping this thing running for nearly a whole damn year! That's an achievement in itself considering the countless attempts I made before.

Hmm I'm not sure what else there is to say. I kind of wish I had drawn something Christmassy to go with this post, but alas. I only just thought of this right now, so... Maybe next year?


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