Saturday, 14 December 2013

The Most Royal of Oolongs

Hello again!

I've got another tea sitting on my desk. It's Tenren King's Oolong 913, a ginseng oolong! My relatives bought a bunch of tea for my parents while they were overseas so I've been able to take some of it for myself. Today, I'm brewing it while nodding to the err... dulcet tones of Equilibrium (Waldschrein again) :P.

It's a very warm and comforting drink, perfect for cooler days like today. It is full of summer-y flavours: Mango, lychee, raisins, coconut and ginseng are the ones that come wafting out immediately. Underneath that is the classic ginseng oolong flavour profile which is, well, ginseng-y and a roasted nuttiness. And if I'm not mistaken, some of that intriguing peachy aftertaste is left on the tongue.

It has heaps of endurance, with that pleasant mango/lychee mix constantly hanging around in the cup and in the liquor. A faint bitter finish from the ginseng also lingers, which is just right. Teabag ginseng tisanes (meaning it's mostly ginseng, not tea leaves) are incredibly strong and somewhat off-putting for me, so this is a nice change.

Don't brew it for too long at a high temperature.
Looks nice, but it becomes strongly bitter like coffee...

I've gotta say, this is a pretty solid tea session. I am satisfied :)

I suppose that the next update will be my completed drawing, unless something shocking happens. So, that's all for now.



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