Thursday, 12 December 2013

Yay December!

Hello all!

It's finally December! The end of the year is coming soon...

Well alright, that started a couple of weeks ago, but I had a pretty bad case of flu or something like that so I wasn't in the mood for updating. I've been incredibly sedentary in the weeks since I finished the last of my uni exams, so it seems like my body is now complaining. And I'm clearly feeling the passage of time wearing down my body, because the effects of the declining cardio during holidays is hitting me harder this year... I have to correct this. Even if it means going on dreaded runs and jogs... blergh.

I don't really have much to say though, do I? Hmmm. Oh yes, Gosford!

So I went on a day trip with my lovely friends to... Gosford? Yeah none of us knew what we would be doing there, but we gave it a shot anyway. It's become something of a tradition for us now :)

It turns out that Gosford was actually kind of fun while we were there. If you ever for some strange reason end up in that part of NSW, definitely make a beeline for the Taste Gourmet cafe in East Gosford. I don't know anything about buses so you'll need to figure out how to get there yourself.

It has excellent food, and lots of delightful homemade products and hampers. I bought a couple of jars of jam myself, and they are absolutely worth the price. It's a shame they run out so quickly though... Maybe their online store will take off! Then I can get delicious homemade jams whenever I want~

That is... until I start making my own jams! :D

Aaaanyway, you should also check out Edogawa Garden, which is only a short walk away from the cafe. Very pretty scenery, even if it's small. The ducklings were adorable :P And while you're there, head into the nearby gallery and check out the art. I found some really nice ones myself... Oh, if only I had about $2000 lying around... :(

Then we faffed about at a random playground and relived our childhood days before taking the long journey back home.

(btw: I don't have a camera [phone does not count] so I have to wait until others upload their photos before I can show you a  few snippets of our adventure)

Hm besides that, not much has been happening. I've been listening to Nightwish's live performance at Wacken 2013. Pretty top. But being the silly person that I am, I did not stop to think that maybe the CDs would not have the live footage on them. So now I must wait several weeks before I finally get what I want :(

Other than that: Drawing (almost done!), lots of tea as always, Skyrim (not as good as Oblivion tbh) and loads of Youtube. Speaking of which... Time for a video dump!

Baby It'll Be Alright - Ryan Lerman feat. Nataly Dawn

This song's been running in my head in the background for a good while now, and I keep coming back to it when I'm bored. So I guess I really like it :P

Age of Empires 2 - 2v2 RM with DauT

This one is just plain hilarious. So basically, DauT was the #1 player in AoE Random Map games back then. This match is pure gold because of how he deviates from his usual style, and with much gusto! Had he played like normal, yes he would've cut through his opponents like butter, but it would've been business as usual... I hope you at least find this one somewhat amusing just for the sheer absurdity of the "strategy" and how he somehow still wins against superior units.


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