Monday, 6 January 2014


Wow it's a new year!

I'm still working on a not-so-top-secret project, so I've actually been writing heaps over Christmas and the new year. I have a lot of content saved up, but you won't get to see it yet. Some of you, if you're reading, will know what I refer to. Sadly it could take months before I'm finished AND happy with the result. Anyway.

So far I'm expecting it to be a generally painful and long year, mainly due to honours. But I have been told by many people that this will be worth the pain, so I'm going to take it as it comes and hopefully come out on top. Besides that, I could really do with some good news and good stuff happening to me, but that's all wishful thinking at this point.

But if there is someone or something out there, maybe throw something nice my way?


In other news, I just got this haul from one of my close buddies, as a late birthday present on the final day of 2013. Thanks so much bro. :)

I am so happy. Now I can finally make matcha! :D

And as a bonus, I got this beauty from my other friends, who picked this up while they were in China. I kind of wanted the whole set of 6 cups (with different colours) but alas, they were split between all of us :P

It's a celadon glaze! I hope this is the kind that allows you to stain it with tea and change it over time. That would be fantastic :)

Finally, I really hope this year will be better than the last...


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