Thursday, 30 January 2014

Achievement Unlocked:

Maintained a blog for over a year! +50G!

Oh wow it's been a year and one day since I created Dreamer's Hideaway! Woohoo! Let's hope this year is awesome.

So what's in store for Rogiraffe this year?

So far, honours, and getting a job. It's almost time for me to move onto the next phase in life, and I'm definitely going to make it happen as soon as possible. Since grad-job hunting season starts really soon, I'm going to be incredibly busy filling out applications and learning the finer details of tertiary research at the same time. There may not be any posts for weeks at a time... I certainly wouldn't want to torture anyone with the terribly dry details of my life for the next few months.

I'm also looking around my local area for work experience, so I hope persistence will bring in something good for me. And that means I've got to make lots of calls too.

What else is happening... Ah yes, music!

So there's this other band I've had my eye on for a while now: Within Temptation!

They've gone with an interesting pop influence lately, and in the upcoming album it is reflected in the music style and choice of guest singers, which includes one Xzibit. Intriguing...

I'm usually a bit skeptical of bands that turn to pop but WT's album Hydra is showing quite a bit of promise from the official videos I've seen on Youtube, and Sharon's singing is still as captivating as ever. I've been listening to them a few times, and they've definitely grown on me. It's quite different from their past albums, but I actually like what they're doing this time. I certainly hope the rest of the album is just as good.

Here's a heavily pop-influenced one for all of you:

Very uplifting and encouraging, right? I think it is :)
And perhaps a bit generic, but it's a damn sight better than what passes for music these days.

I know this one will lose it's appeal for me really quick if I listen to it too often. For that reason I prefer Paradise (What About Us), as it's not as pop-y/catchy and therefore will be a long-term favourite of mine. But hey, I've gotta cater to the audience, and I know my friends are used to sounds that are on the softer end of the spectrum. :P

I think I'll be writing a new post soon about the matcha I've been drinking :)

And now I have to go back to practising those psychometric tests...


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