Friday, 3 January 2014

Fukujuen Kabusecha 'Gion'


Time for show and tell again! :P

I got another package from my friend about a week ago! I have a sencha and a kabusecha all the way from the Fukujuen store on the other side of the world. But today's post will just cover the kabusecha.

And to my friend: Thank you so so much :') You are so cool.

Lovely Japanese aesthetics :)


I wasn't sure what kabusecha was, but some quick wiki-ing tells me that there is a spectrum:

[Sencha ======= Kabusecha ====== Gyokuro]

Where sencha has the least shading, and gyokuro has the most shade during the final days of growth prior to picking the leaves. I'm certain that this new tea will be noticeably different :O

So onto the notes!

Leaves: Very similar to sencha - steamed, not fried. I can actually eat the (wet) leaves like most vegetables. This seems to be a bonus that comes with all Japanese teas, besides matcha. It has a faint scent of something... that I struggle to describe. It can only be described as a fresh mint-ish flavour, for now.

Nose: There's a warm and sweet grassy smell... It feels like spring/summer. I can also detect seaweed and cucumber. It's a pleasant summer drink, for sure.

Taste: Melon-y bitterness, sour aftertaste, with a sweet melon smell as I breathe out. There is also a rich, buttery avocado note. It definitely has a thick mouthfeel, like a savoury soup.

It is a bit more mellow than sencha, as it seems the bitterness (and everything else) never reaches the same levels. The floral notes are faint but still lovely, and it goes well with the sweetness. There is a stronger umami note to this tea, which makes sense due to the additional shading given to kabusecha compared to sencha.

All in all, a lovely tea, and a new experience to boot! I am very pleased with it, and I would definitely drink much more than the quantity I still have, if that makes any sense :P


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