Saturday, 18 January 2014

Mount Gay - Extra Old Rum

Bonus post! Just working through my backlog now...

Hello again!

I got myself a great bottle of rum a few weeks ago, at a fairly decent price. Certainly much cheaper, per drink, than what you can get in restaurants and bars. Anyway, I'll be rather brief about this review.

It has the usual caramel colour, most likely added in artificially to make it look nicer. And the bottle is of a pleasing shape. :)

The rum first hits your nose with a big entrance, consisting of cola and vanilla. Then the cocoa, cinnamon and raisins follow on, with light and lingering notes of honey, creme brulee and grass-jelly drink at the bottom. It's a very sweet and candied drink. Just the smell makes it a worthwhile experience to just pour out a small glass of this rum and enjoy whatever comes wafting out.

And the taste? So very delightful. There is a slight sweetness on the tip of the tongue followed by spices, acetone, raisins, cola and a thick buttery mouthfeel. And by adding a few drops of water, a salted caramel note is revealed, which dominates the flavour profile from that point onwards. That's something I've never encountered before, but it's quite delicious. I would suggest doing this halfway through to transform the drink into a completely different experience.

Overall, a very sweet and highly enjoyable drink. This was definitely a good purchase, and great value too.

Speaking of very sweet things... Here, have another song - This time, by Pomplamoose! They're such an awesome band - so very quirky, funny and talented.


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