Sunday, 16 February 2014

Silver Moonlight

Ohai thar

I hope your holidays are going well. Mine's about to end, with a dwindling supply of tea... It should be enough to last until the springtime on the other side of the world begins once more.

I've just finished my readings, so I figured I'd make one last post for the month before I commence my Honours studies. It's going to be one hell of a year, guys. Actually one of my readings was very pertinent to my own plans for the future. James (2008)* explores the difficulties that accounting PhD candidates go through... The statistics are quite scary, and it's definitely off-putting.

Anyway, I could definitely do with some psyching up since I've got morning classes for all of next week. And for those of you who have to get up for full-time work, this one's for you too.

Unfortunately every other similar video is just the demo version so this will have to do. Just play it and ignore the "lyrics" on the screen. You can probably get more out of it just by listening and not being confused by what the uploader has written.

I very much like the soft opening verse... It harkens back to the old days of WT's earlier albums, especially The Silent Force. The immediate leap in tempo after the first verse makes me think that this could be the opening song for some shounen anime. Probably some sort of dark and brooding storyline... Which is actually something I would not watch :P

It's also very reminiscent of a werewolf's escape, fleeing from the torches and pitchforks and seeking freedom in the pale moonlight. But whatever the meaning of it, it definitely gets me pumped up.

And for the moment, before everything gets insanely busy, hunting season is back on...


*A Critical Theory perspective on the pressures, contradictions and dilemmas faced by entry-level accounting academics, by Kieran James (2008)

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