Monday, 10 March 2014

The Longest Journey

The longest journey of them all,
Has to be made all alone
A flame in the skyline reaching the stars,
Guiding the seeker through the night!

Far beyond the dark stream, we'll meet again
Across the wilderness, and we will be home!
Gather your strength, don't be afraid
Far beyond the dark stream, we'll meet again......

[Ensiferum, The Longest Journey]


If you are reading this book, then I may have met an untimely end in this strange land. Please, read all of this carefully. I hope that this will let you succeed where I have failed.

Entry #1:

Day 22

The sunset draws near, and finally I've found a precious few hours to myself to begin to document my harrowing journey.

I have been here for three weeks, and I still don't know where I am. It would appear I've entered another universe. Everything is so different here. No signs of civilisation... Only the mesmerising swaying of the fiery leaves in the cool breeze. But the idyllic peace was soon broken, and I was ambushed by unspeakable horrors. They still haunt my dreams even now, long after they have been slain.

After some wandering, I found some other unfortunate souls who, as luck would have it, also foolishly accepted the same challenge. We have all agreed that we must stick together, or die alone in this beautiful but harsh world. We quickly set to gathering resources and scouting out this land to get some idea of what we're up against. So far, our efforts have been rather amateur, and we feel so lost. But I believe we will live long enough to become familiar with the wilderness.

I miss my friends very much. They're so far away now. I wish I could see them again. If I survive and find my way out, then we'll meet again...


Seriously though, I'm okay. Always tired though. There's no such thing as weekends. I'm just sat upon my chair reading papers all day, every day...

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