Friday, 11 April 2014

Kevlar Hearts and Mini-Giraffes

"Oh good god this Rohini is the dog's bollocks"

     - Rogiraffe, 2014

Every once in a while, my two modes of speech collide in amusing ways. Notice and appreciate the majestic juxtapositions present in that expression. :P

So apparently Teabox now gives these things out. I love these little sack thingies. It looks a lot like those sacks they use to fill up the tea at plantations. Rustic but miniature :P

But now the question is... What's in there?

Yaaay more tea! I purchased about 50g of the Rohini Classic a few weeks ago, when it was super fresh. It was practically only days old, freshly plucked and shipped from India (Teabox, formerly Darjeeling Express). And man, it was frickin' amazing. Unfortunately I didn't really have time for anything leisurely, so this post has been delayed for quite a while...

The leaves are nice and whole, and full of life. The aroma is fruity and otherwise very sweet. Pineapple and banana are the first things to come to mind. With a bit of concentration, there is the vibrant splash of citric oils. Under that is a strong and enduring base note of damp wood, accompanied by a good level of bitterness that emerges with repeated steepings. The endurance is excellent, and I always get many enjoyable cups of tea out of a pot whenever I sit down and brew this one.

Admittedly, it is slightly less amazing than the first time I tried it, but it's still at 90% awesomeness - although, it's scary how quickly teas can lose their brilliance. I'd better drink it fast!

Initially, I bought 50g at $35/100g, then 100g a week ago for $30/100g. I'm not sure why the price fluctuates so much, but I'm sure my tea-chum and I are very pleased at having bought our "stocks" in the market at the best time :P, because...

As of the time I am writing this, the price stands at $45/100g, which is veeery pricey. You can easily get 20-25 tea sessions out of that. The initial cost is rather steep but the cost per cup is actually fairly cheap. Way cheaper than that coffee stuff. bleaghhh.


BONUS section: Music of the Month!

I would have chosen Essence of Silence, the new single by Epica, because holy shit Simone Simons singslikeanangelaslkfjkle;sdkjf!. It sets my heart a-flutter every time. It is incredibly catchy and epic. That being said it's catchy with a bite/edge to it. Listen to it... if you are feeling brave enough to suffer the initial shock and sit through the first minute.

Essence of Silence, off the upcoming album The Quantum Enigma
The only thing I don't like it how the new lyrics-guy actually threw in "ain't" into this song. Why.

Otherwise, chill out with tea and listen to something much calmer like Celestial Bond, Parts I and II.


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